Course Preparation

Here is some valuable information that you will need to prepare for your upcoming course.

Pre-Seminar Checklist

Before attending an ART® seminar, please take care of the following items:

Hotel Accommodations

Make reservations with hotel prior to the cut-off date.

Portable Chiropractic Table

Please bring your table with you to the seminar. If you do, you can sign up in a raffle for a $300 credit towards an Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Spine, or a Level 2 course.

CEU Information

DCs must fill out a CEU form to receive their continuing education credit. This form must include your NPI number as well as your license number and expiration date. NPI number may be found using the NPI Search. License must be found based on your state (visit License by State to find your number and expiration date).

Flight Times

Testing will end at noon on Sunday. We cannot guarantee that you will be released any earlier than this. Please keep this in mind when booking flights home.

Dress Code

The dress is casual and comfortable. We would like to request that participants wear workout shorts, biking shorts, or similar. This is a hands-on workshop and you will be practicing the protocols on each other, which may require the removal of long pants, shoes, and socks.

Pre-Seminar Preparation

We strongly recommend that you watch your video, practice all protocols, and be very well-versed in the anatomy prior to the workshop. You are expected to be familiar with the material before we start, so please read your book and review the DVD. Your manual and a writing utensil will be beneficial at the course to take notes and write information for your study.

Assignment Task Time
Manual Read for familiarity 50-200 hours
DVD View for familiarity 8 hours
Anatomy Worksheet Need an expert level 5 hours
Pre-Course Exam Need an expert level 3 hours

Written Credentialing Exam

The exam included with your manual is intended to be used as a study guide. This exam will need to be completed and turned in the Saturday before you are allowed to schedule your practical exam for Sunday. It will not be graded but will be checked for completion before test sign up. It is a way of ensuring that you come fully prepared to the course.

Anatomy Preparation Worksheet

Complete the worksheet that comes with your course material. This knowledge is critical for the course, and you must know all the information on this worksheet at an expert level. Instructors cannot take time to review anatomy during classtime. You will struggle if this anatomy knowledge is not well rehearsed. Study and completion time may range from 30 minutes to 2 hours or more.

Course Manual

Read all the protocols contained in the manual. Your goal is to learn the protocols at a familiarity level and be proficient with all the soft tissue and structures at an expert level. Your manual will be your guide and notetaking tool during the course. Study time may take between 50 and 200 hours (25 8-hour days).


View each protocol on the DVD. You will be able to watch each protocol performed. Your goal is to learn this at a familiarity level. Viewing time is approximately 8 hours.

Attention Recerts

You must attend a minimum of 16 hours to be considered recertified with ART®. This is two full days. You are welcome to attend all hours for full CEU Credits. You do not need to stay for testing.