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Biomechanics Certification
Click Here to log in to the Online Biomechanics Training.

What To Expect
The best way to describe the new class is by calling it "an online encyclopedia of biomechanics information". It will cover running, walking, throwing, lifting, etc. To be eligible for this course you must be Full-Body Certified. You will go through the information at your own pace and you will have 6 months access to the course materials on the web-site. To become Certified you must participate at an Ironman Treatment Team (time commitments vary based on location), where an Instructor will Test you.

Re certification
This course DOES count as a Re certification for ART. (Reminder: You are required to take at least one re certification course each year to maintain your certification.) The certification does not begin until you have tested and passed this course, which can only be while participating at an Ironman Treatment Team, please schedule accordingly. Please Click Here to view the upcoming Ironman events we'll be attending. *Please note not all events will have testing available.

Qualifications and Pricing
In order to take the course you must be full body certified. In order to access the online material, a high-speed internet connection is also required. The cost for the course is $1100. Pricing includes 6-Months access to the on-line materials.

Test and Certification
Testing will take place during sponsored Ironman Treatment Teams, you must participate in the Treatment Team to be able to test at that event. It will take 20-30 minutes and you will test with Dr Leahy or one of the ART Instructors. You will be expected to watch the patient perform their sport, point out the problems, and then fix or at least improve the condition. The certification does not begin until you have tested and passed this course, not when signing-up for the course.

How To Get Signed Up
You can sign up by calling 888-396-2727. You will then be assigned, via e-mail, a login and password and you will be able to start!!