"After a challenging and rewarding weekend I performed ART®on my first patient Monday morning. A woman with a shoulder injury with adhesive capsulitis. I had gotten her about 90% however she still lacked some ER and FF and reported some discomfort in the upper arm. After one treatment with ART® she reported a significant reduction in symptoms and her ROM was full in both ER and FF.
To say that I am happy having taken this course is an understatement. I will definitely be registering for all ART® courses. Dr. Michael Leahy is brilliant.
Thank you once again for a wonderful learning experience. Every instructor was excellent in his/her own way."

Dr. Vincent Puccio, DPT

"I just came home from the best recert course I've attended. Tony and John in Wall, NJ.. The format was excellent and content filled with hands on review, as well as catch up on new protocol. I'll go back as often as they have the recert. course. Great plan, close to home under 3 hrs. My own opinion... for me I need more than 1 year, not less. Too many changes to wait."

Harold Godshall


"Over the last few years while playing for the Dallas Stars, I have been receiving ART® (Active Release Therapy) by Dr. Troy Van Biezen. ART® helps keep me on the ice performing at a high competitive level. No other treatment has been as effective as ART. Dr. Van Biezen has been a tremendous help in keeping my muscles free and clear of scar tissue with ART® and helping me recover so rapidly. Thank you Dr. Van Biezen!"

Brenden Morrow,
2010 Winter Olympic Gold Medal Champion and Captain for the Dallas Stars Hockey Team

"Due to a playground, ski and car accident, I have endured chronic pain for 30 years. I have tried many different types of treatment with no positive results. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Wood during my initial visit He is the first doctor that actually listened to my story and pinpointed where the root of my pain is. After 8 treatments, I am able to function better and the flareups are less frequent. Dr. Wood and ART® has shown me that I can rise above my broken body experience, live a more comfortable life and have faith in the medical profession once again."

With Heartfelt Gratitude,
Heather Quinn Nelson

"I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you for the therapy you performed on my injured shoulder.
I visited your office on a whim and without any expectation that you'd be able to remedy what other doctors and physical therapists had not. For months I'd lived in pain and was nervously anticipating the prospect of surgery. I was surprised... and thrilled... that you were able to get extraordinary results in only 7 visits. After working with you, my shoulder is now fully functioning and pain free! I owe you a big thanks."

Michael Andrews